Do you need to make your office space work better for you, your colleagues, or your clients? Want to practise good health and safety and provide privacy for your customers? Or perhaps you just want to maximise your shop window to sell more products? We have some creative ideas on glass for you!

Translucent, frosted vinyl and printed self-adhesive vinyl graphics can enhance glass partitioning and create private spaces. Transform your glass partitioning, offices, meeting rooms and doors with our range of frosted vinyl. Create a self-contained space for meetings or confidential conversations.

Work with us to enhance your space, create privacy and strengthen your brand. We can include your logo and create a professional look with lasting impact.


Glass Manifestation – as it is known in the industry – is applied to glass windows, partitioning and doors. Its aim is to prevent injury – by stopping people from bumping into the glass.

To comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), and workplace health and safety regulations, glass manifestation is required. Usually, two rows of self-adhesive vinyl, often frosted dots or logos/signs are positioned between 850mm and 1000mm and between 1400mm and 1500mm above the floor.

These frosted vinyl dots or logos have a crucial role to play in keeping colleagues, clients, and visitors safe. We can provide simple frosted vinyl shapes such as circular stickers for glass doors and windows. Alternatively, why not commission us to design eye-catching graphics? You can comply with health and safety guidelines while conveying your brand values and company ethos.

Is your shop window selling your product? Are you catching the eye of your next customer? Maybe it’s a new season for your clothes shop. A special offer on a case of wine, an all-you-can-eat buffet or an Opening Soon advert. Work with us to get your message out there and attract attention.

We can design eye-catching, promotional window graphics whatever your needs. They’ll complement your shop window displays, reflect your brand, help to sell your products and shout about your special offers.

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